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Telecom fraud can be costly, but many businesses don’t know that they are a target with cloud communications.

Is Telecom Fraud a Problem in Cloud Communications?

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When you are considering migrating to cloud communications, it may seem that it will solve every challenge. Solutions like unified communications as a service (UCaaS) simplify complex arrays of communications features into one application, as well as offering scalability and cost savings. But even as cloud solutions offer security features

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Cloud-native security platforms offer a more integrated approach to managing threats in a hybrid environment.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue With Cloud-Native Cyber Security Platforms

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The pandemic accelerated cloud adoption, with many companies racing to implement cloud solutions that would accommodate their business processes with a geographically dispersed team. The result was a cobbled-together IT environment that introduced a complex and vulnerable security plane. Rather than address cyber security from a cloud-native approach, many companies

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The digital transformation took some by surprise, but post-pandemic workflows will rely more heavily on new tech.

Post-Pandemic Cyber Security: Cloud-Based Solutions Rule the Day

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More than two years after the pandemic forced companies into remote work, the post-pandemic workplace does not bear much resemblance to its pre-pandemic version. While some employers are bringing their employees back into the office in an attempt to restore normalcy, others are fully embracing the hybrid model. Companies moving

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Five Steps to Securing Your Government Agency’s Cloud Solution During COVID-19

Five Steps to Securing Your Government Agency’s Cloud Solution During COVID-19

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Long before government employees were forced home by COVID-19, agencies have been considering remote-work settings for employees. Progress was generally impeded by security obstacles. Now that millions of federal employees are working from home, managers are being forced to support their efforts, while securing data and systems. In order to

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