Why to Opt for Edge Computing for Speed, Security, and the Overall User Experience

Why to Opt for Edge Computing for Speed, Security, and the Overall User Experience

Approximately 10% of organization-related data is managed outside of the cloud or centralized data center, according to research by Gartner. The prediction is that the figure will shoot up to 75% by 2025. Edge computing, highly touted for its ability to localize computing power, is the most likely choice for getting there.

One driver for moving to edge computing is speed. When you’re operating in the cloud and transferring all your data, it’s often going hundreds or even thousands of miles to get from point A to point B. Latency is an issue in some of these transfers. If you have bandwidth-intensive applications, this latency is going to be an issue. While internet speeds continue to bump up, it’s only occurring at the same time that the demands you’re putting on your computers increase.

The Cyber Security Component

Minimizing risk is on everybody’s mind, especially as cyber criminals have become more predatory than ever. Edge computing can reduce risk associated with the amount of data that is transferred over the network. Furthermore, the sheer mass of data held centrally by third parties (and there are plenty of third parties in use today), is also reduced with edge computing.

As you move more of your processing to the periphery, there are some cyber security issues that need to be considered. You have to be cautious about edge devices and keep your password hygiene strong. There has been a pervasive thought that edge devices won’t require the same amount of password security, but the opposite is true. For added protection, use two-factor authentication.

Enhancing the User Experience

Edge computing delivers a real-time data experience. As you try to respond to the evolving demands of users, you’re going to face some stiff competition unless you harness the power of edge computing. For example, if your goal is to interact with customers in an augmented reality setting and get a near real-time experience, edge computing is going to be your way to it.

Nobody is saying cloud computing is on its way out; to the contrary, it still has a big place in day-to-day business, but keeping up with the competition will require a more latency-free user experience.

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