Unified Communications: What You Need to Know to Succeed

Embracing unified communications can assist in getting through the challenges of a hybrid workplace.

The pandemic brought about a host of changes to the entire world, but one of the lasting impacts it has made on the workplace is that a hybrid work situation has become a permanent option for some teams. As a result, both remote and in-office work have presented new challenges that unified communications can effectively solve.

Meeting goals in the workplace often hinges on the quality of the communication between team members, management, and outside business partners. With many companies adopting a permanent hybrid work environment, unified communications solutions help teams stay connected and move both decision-making and productivity forward.

The New Normal

Even before the pandemic, employees increasingly chose employers who offered remote work opportunities. Among those who seek out a hybrid situation, they say they are looking for a more positive work-life balance, while at the same time feeling like they’re an integral part of an effective team.

There are certainly challenges to the hybrid workplace, not the least of which is the ability to embrace change, and particularly changes in technology. This can be a long slow process because, in addition to encouraging buy-in for new technology solutions within teams, companies need to be proactive and ensure employees have what they need to do their work remotely while also maintaining security.

When a lack of communication creates a bottleneck, it’s often because the tools used in the process aren’t updated to reflect new needs. This leads to lost documents, missed messages, misunderstandings, and plenty of frustration, not to mention falling behind on deadlines.

Why Unified Communications Supports the Hybrid Model

One of the key benefits associated with unified communications is the ability to access a wide variety of communications tools within a single application. For companies that choose a cloud-based unified communications as a service solution, employees are able to utilize the solution from any connected device. Here are a few additional benefits of this technology:

  • Feature-rich unified communications offers videoconferencing, chat, email, and text messaging – all within a single app. Employees can also enjoy shared workspaces, a convenient feature for disparate team members working on a single project.
  • Your employees will have the ability to track the history of interactions with one another and with customers, regardless of the format used.
  • Unified communications is easily scalable, offers subscription-based payment models and robust security features, such as end-to-end encryption.
  • Unified communications ensures that no matter where your employees are working, they have access to the resources they need for collaborating with fellow team members.
  • Many popular CRM solutions can be easily integrated with your unified communications application to streamline your lead generation, conversion, and ongoing support of customers.

Partner With an Expert

At ITBroker.com, we’re committed to helping our clients navigate the sometimes-tricky waters of technology. Your team members will streamline processes and speed up decision-making with the right solutions, and we know which communication tools will work as a custom approach to your needs. Contact us and let’s talk about communication tools and ways to help you through the challenges brought on by the hybrid workplace.