Shadow AI & How to Protection Your Organization

It’s time to embrace proactive measures that protect your business from the threat of shadow AI.

There is no denying the fervor throughout the world regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and its emergence in the workplace, but a new danger called shadow AI has come as a side effect. Read on to learn what you can do to keep your company safe from this threat.

Shadow AI Defined: Shadow AI is any unauthorized use of AI tools within your company. It can introduce both compliance and security risks, as well as cause redundancies and inefficiencies. Shadow AI can be the result of a seemingly innocent employee action, such as deploying a chatbot

As with any cyber threat, being proactive can help lessen the risks associated with shadow AI. This can involve any of the following:

  • Education & Awareness: The biggest security risk might surprise you, but user error is one of the most common causes of a breach. Make every employee aware of the risks out there and hold them accountable for their actions.
  • Collaborate: Don’t let disparity between departments be a weak link. Collaborate by establishing a channel through which ideas and information can be shared between employees and departments.
  • Control Access: Strict access controls should be placed on all your sensitive data and systems. This will prevent the unauthorized implementation of AI tools that have not been authorized.
  • Leadership Involvement: Engagement from the top is crucial if controlling shadow AI and promoting strategic IT goals is going to be successful.By prioritizing continuous communication, consequences for violations, agility in planning for the future and clear guidelines, you can be more proactive in protecting your organization.

Weighty Concerns

It might be tempting to completely avoid AI in an effort to block shadow AI risks, but organizations who have taken this approach only find that they are creating the potential for deeper shadows in which shadow AI can hide. A smarter approach to take is one where responsible use of AI is the main focus.

But what are the concerns with implementing AI to reach those productivity and security goals? As with any new implementation, some of the biggest challenges are related to ensuring that it integrates well with the current infrastructure. Seeking outside assistance can help you avoid some of the usual pitfalls that put a snag in the process.

Cyber security risks are also a real concern when implementing new solutions due to the general lack of visibility that can occur. Again, when you partner with an outside source that has years of experience in helping organizations find and implement the right solutions, many of these risks are a non-issue. is here as your third-party assistant in strategic planning and implementation of solutions that help your company thrive. Contact us to get more information about how we can help you find AI technologies that improve productivity and keep your network safe.