Remote Work Tips: Staying a Step Ahead of Cyber Criminals

Educating the workforce can stop breaches, but implementing the right tech can also be a huge help.

Cyber security has plagued organizations for decades, but when remote work teams became an overnight reality for companies, security breaches also increased in frequency. By partnering with the right tech-savvy professional, you can avoid the common mistakes associated with implementing a security solution.

Educating the Workforce

Before spending a lot of money on top-of-the-line cyber security solutions, be sure your employees are updated on the latest risks involving remote work and cyber security. For example, do they know they are not supposed to connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks? Most employees work from home where they should be instructed on how to set up their network securely, but this is often not an option in public places, such as coffee houses.

The virtual private network (VPN) is one of best tools for secure connections and every employee working remotely should be educated about VPNs and staying current on security updates. While VPNs offer a buffer, remote workers need to maintain other basic security practices, such as those related to firewalls and passwords.

Protection Against Cyber Criminals

There is no doubt that cyber criminals are actively seeking out ways to get into networks, but one of their biggest unintentional allies are people on the inside. Implementing cyber criminal awareness training throughout the workplace can help prevent breaches. For example, phishing scams are still successful for many cyber criminals because employees are duped into clicking on a malicious link.

Organizations that establish regular awareness training with employees are able to provide examples of how the criminal element works. Employees with this awareness can spot a suspicious activity and avoid catastrophe.

Outsourcing Assistance

Some cyber criminals are sophisticated enough to try more advanced methods of attack than phishing. They’ll utilize code injection attacks and supply chain attacks, among other methods. Staying on top of these types of threats takes a high level of visibility, especially for those with a hybrid workforce that involves remote workers. Implementing the right security technology can provide a higher level of visibility.

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