Improve Your Approach to Human Risk Management

From flagging risky behavior to managing active threats, human risk management works to keep your data secure.

Human detection and response (HDR) initiatives are helping organizations find a new approach for reacting to threats that are engineered by humans. It’s an approach to human risk management that can be vastly important to organizations of all sizes, as cyber threats are pervasive. These threats could be an outsider’s doing, but risk management efforts also cover insider threats, which can be anything from bad judgment to silly mistakes or something completely malicious in nature.

Security awareness training is integral in any organization where employees have access to digital company information and can mistakenly open it up for access by cyber criminals. The goal is to educate users so they don’t introduce a complex cyber security threat for the company, but HDR is built around helping out in situations where the bad guys have already gotten in and damage control is in order. Both should be part of any company’s cyber security strategy.

The Importance of Visibility

Cyber criminals are so creative today that they are building attacks that are so subtle, a company might not find out for months that they’ve been hacked and something malicious has been working undetected in the background the entire time. Increased visibility in security operations can limit unfettered access and stop an attack before it turns serious. Threat detection technology is imperative to gain this type of visibility.

Users engaging in risky behavior can be flagged with the right technology. When security teams implement appropriate solutions, they can make a fast response, taking the actions of a user and neutralizing them. If any activity can lead to bad circumstances, the HDR will kick in and make corrective actions.

Fast Responses

The faster a security team can react to a red flag, the less likely suspicious behavior is to have a negative impact. Again, with HDR automation enabled, incident response times are improved and the damage is minimized.

Human risk management strategies are essential in protecting data, that if leaked, could damage a company’s reputation, incur fines, and destroy the trust of customers whose data has been compromised, and the best approach is to react fast.

Outsourcing to a Professional

Looking for technology that can improve your human risk management strategy? Outsource to an expert that makes it their job to know about the latest tools out there. Every organization operates differently and has unique needs, which is why you need an expert working on your behalf to find the solutions that will be a custom fit. That’s what we do at We instill confidence in our clients who can make smarter IT decisions by partnering with us. Contact us, and allow us to assist you in finding the best possible solutions for keeping your data safe.