Hybrid-Work Security and How It Has Evolved

Hybrid-Work Security and How It Has Evolved

Much has changed since early 2020 when the world went on lockdown and workers began a remote-work way of life. The evolution of the work environment took an unplanned turn that some have described as a “tectonic shift,” with hybrid-work security strategies now taking center stage for many businesses.

Keeping data out of the hands of those with malicious intent has never been easy, but it became more difficult with so many workers taking on remote-work responsibilities. In order to maintain a level of confidence in security, IT leaders need to know when and where employees are working. This calls for security tools that are capable of analytics so attacks can be headed off before they become damaging. Making this part of the cyber security strategy has proven valuable to those who have followed through with it.

This doesn’t look to be a temporary issue, as organizations in many industries have realized gains through the remote-work platform. That means hybrid-work security strategies will continue to evolve, improve, and protect data.

Virtual Work Challenges

To say remote workers are an easy target is putting it fairly mildly. They are often the weak link in the chain through which hackers enter an organization’s network and do just about anything they want. This is why home-security hygiene is so crucial today. By establishing a stronger set of checks and balances, you can fill the gaps and keep the cyber criminals out.

Education is a powerful tool. The more employees know about how cyber criminals do their dirty work and how they dupe people into clicking on links that introduce malware, the more protected they can be. It should be the responsibility of the security team to put in place educational programs aimed at helping employees learn about the technology being used to protect against threats. From securing home internet connections to utilizing encryption to turning on firewalls, these items must be part of the cyber security strategy.

Partner With a Third Party

Investing in a hybrid-work security plan can be a complex situation, but not if you partner with the right provider of solutions to protect you and your content. The best ones include engineers who’ve built cloud and global networks and executives who’ve run service providers. They are fully committed to assisting their clients in finding the right tech and implementing it without complications.

At ITBroker.com, we’re not biased toward any one provider of security solutions – we only find the right fit for your company. Everyone has different needs, and we’re here to identify those needs and get you the best deal on the most modern hybrid-work security solutions. Contact us, and let’s discuss our approach to your unique needs.