How To Bring Your Productivity to New Levels With AI as Part of Your Strategy

AI isn’t just the future, it’s impacting how businesses operate right now.

Despite the controversy surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), it has already made its mark on practically every industry. Increasing numbers of organizations have implemented AI into a variety of business processes, but roughly 60% of small- to medium-sized businesses say they aren’t exactly sure what AI can do to benefit them. If you’re in that category, read on.

Understanding AI Benefits

Gaining efficiency through automation is one of the top benefits cited by companies that have implemented AI. For example, AI-powered technology has stepped in to handle some of the most time-consuming, mundane tasks that lead to burnout and are vulnerable to human error. With automated processes in place, employees can use their time more effectively and add value to the company.

AI is also used in marketing and sales to better understand customer behaviors, while designers can use this information to build websites that are more conducive to online browsing. This better understanding of behaviors also means content can be built more effectively and implemented in a way that improves conversion rates.

Staffing Struggles

One of the biggest criticisms we hear about artificial intelligence is that it’s replacing humans. The worst fears are rooted in conspiracies that pit machines against humans, like science fiction playing out in real life. But staffing shortages have been a drain on companies small and large – and in many cases, AI has helped streamline processes that can counteract the shortfall.

For example, predictive analytics have been utilized to identify the best candidates for positions. AI training has helped to upskill and reskill workers. Resume screening, candidate sourcing, and initial interviews that are driven by AI processes are helping to shore up inefficiencies and overcome at least some of the staffing woes.

Getting Assistance

From network management and autonomous systems to security and fraud detection, IT departments are reaping the rewards of implementing technology that is deeply rooted in AI. No matter the type of AI technology you’re looking for, there are solutions out there that can help you. The problem is choosing the ones that fit your unique needs.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to implementing AI-driven technology, can help. We’re constantly learning about solutions that bring value to our clients, so we can help find technology that’s ideal for your needs. Contact us and let’s discuss the next step.