How the Role of the CIO Has Evolved Alongside Cyber Security

How the Role of the CIO Has Evolved Alongside Cyber Security

As technology has developed and cyber security has morphed into the massive industry it is today, chief information officers (CIOs) have had to keep pace. No longer thought of as the professional whose main task was to take charge of building business information technology systems from the ground up, the role of CIO is now being filled today by people who know how to align information technology with business goals, which can be wide ranging and complex.

Throw a pandemic in the mix, and you find the role of the CIO today even more interesting; they’re focused on multicloud implementation, as well as security and business development – all of which are critical components to get during these trying times.

Cyber Security and the CIO

Cyber criminals are undeterred by the pandemic and have, in fact, gotten more brazen in their attempts to infiltrate networks. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of IT personnel with cyber security skills. These are people in high demand. According to a survey by Harvey Nash, security personnel have to stay on their toes and are requesting more resources to deal with what the pandemic has brought. The following are some highlights gleaned from the survey:

  • Nearly half of the respondents said the pandemic permanently accelerated digital transformation, resulting in the implementation of emergent technologies.
  • Four in 10 organizations said they have experienced more cyber security incidents including phishing and malware attacks.
  • Nearly 70% of respondents said trust among disparate areas of the organization has improved with the addition of diversity among teams.
  • Around 86% of respondents said their workforce is now working remotely (which presents added cyber security risks).
  • There is a skills gap in cyber security expertise, leading to a need for more specialized tools that can protect data.

It is believed that the amount of money spent on cloud computing will soar from $374.1 billion in 2020 to $832.1 by 2025. One of the more vital issues involved in this adoption of new cloud tools is related to security and how CIOs can prioritize security solutions that fit their needs.

Choosing the Right Tools

Maintaining a competitive edge is now part of the role of the CIO, the person tasked with making sure all new technology and tools brought in will integrate nicely with existing infrastructure. Given all the platforms available today, it pays to partner with an agent that can assist you in allocating the solutions that will be a custom fit for your needs. At, that’s exactly what we do. Schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we support clients just like you on a daily basis. Contact us now and get started.