Generative AI: Utilizing the Latest Tech While Prioritizing Security

Generative AI has enormous potential, but safeguards must be put in place before organizations can reap the benefits.

Nobody is arguing against the place of artificial intelligence’s (AI) as a disruptor in the workplace. The discussion gets interesting with respect to generative AI and its enormous potential for benefit, but also its place as a potential window for cyber threats. Cyber security threats keep changing with technological advances, and with generative AI tools in the wrong hands, these issues are expected to become more troublesome.

One recent headline from HTTech that caused concern is that more than 100,000 ChatGPT accounts have been hacked and the information is being sold on the dark web. As a result, many companies are not allowing employees to visit the site or any other AI-powered systems. But is barring this potentially beneficial tool something every organization should do?

Sophisticated Phishing

Criminals no longer have to be as creative to gain entry into places where they are not welcome. All they have to do now is exploit generative AI and create realistic content (emails, websites, etc.) to fool unsuspecting users into believing they are real. Phishing attacks, while always popular among cyber criminals, are even more difficult to protect against now.

Malware is even more difficult to limit now that attackers are using generative AI technology to develop novel strains. Even if you’ve had success with your traditional security measures and keeping malware out, you may struggle with the strains developed with AI, because polymorphic malware is just one type that can evade what most users believe is a substantive defense.

Mitigating Threats

Most organizations don’t have staff with the type of training it takes to defend against generative AI threats. Even those who are trained must stay on top of the latest threats and corresponding protections if they’re going to stay relevant.

As you strive to protect your organization, consider mitigating threats by using advanced detection techniques. The ones that will be a good fit for your organization will depend on a variety of factors that can be difficult to pin down without the assistance of a professional. It’s well worth the effort to seek out an expert to help you.

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