Data Center Security: The Safest Approach to Protecting Data

Data Center Security: The Safest Approach to Protecting Data

Given the value of the information that companies in every industry store in data centers, data center security becomes a high priority. From anomaly detection to physical security, predictive analytics to disaster recovery solutions, data centers today are tasked with keeping up with the latest technologies to safeguard information.

Detecting Threats

Machine learning is something most data centers have installed as part of their defense against cyber criminals. For example, anomaly detection ranks high as a machine learning method of spotting suspicious traffic and putting up roadblocks so threats don’t become emergency situations.

The best anomaly detection solutions will establish a baseline of data, recognize common or normal patterns, and therefore, notice suspicious traffic and make the appropriate alerts so action can be taken.

And it’s not always about cyber attacks – anomaly detection also looks for bugs in the system that could turn into problems requiring hours of downtime to fix. Similarly, once something out of the ordinary is noticed, alerts will be made.

On-Site Security

Physical security is also something that’s important for data centers. Video surveillance has, for a long time, been of value because with closed-circuit cameras, they can look at every part of the facility and let on-site guards know what’s going on. The best data centers will have 24/7 security available 365 days a year.

Preventing Data Loss Due to Disaster

Accidents happen, and sometimes they resemble a disaster more than a mishap. While a power outage, major storm, flood, fire, or cyber attack might put your organization on its knees, your disaster recovery plan should have you up and running in very little time.

The best data centers will focus on disaster recovery and business continuity solutions so when the worst happens, you’ll be able to operate normally with access to your data in no time at all.

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