Cyber Security Tips for the Hybrid Work Environment

The hybrid work environment carries cyber security risks, but you can work with a professional to help you stay protected.

You should always choose the right tool for the job. But what about the tools used in cyber security? They seem to change quite often, which leads to a situation where organizations find themselves using the wrong tools. This results in a host of problems, which in a permanently hybrid work environment is happening more and more.

It's not an ideal scenario for IT staff challenged with maintaining a safe working environment, as today’s workforce is spread out over multiple offices and remote work environments. Employees may be accessing public Wi-Fi in a local coffee shop or an airport lounge or hotel lobby. There is plenty of risk associated with hybrid work, but implementing the right tools can ease a lot of worry.

In IT cyber security circles, the conversation focuses on implicit and explicit security. When the majority of workers put their hours in at the office, implicit security measures were standard. However, the focus has turned to explicit security protocols meant to add extra protection for the influx of remote work and all the hazards that come with it.

Getting C-Suite on Board

You’d think the headlines about companies getting hit with huge fines after a damaging cyber security breach would be enough to get decision-makers on board with making an investment in protecting sensitive company data. Unfortunately, IT staff get plenty of pushback.

Fortunately, recent trends point to executives beginning to take cyber security more seriously, taking heed from advisors who tout the use of zero trust security measures, more explicit security solutions, and other factors that add a layer of security that is crucial to a hybrid work environment.

Partnering With a Professional

Getting the support and accountability you need doesn’t have to be a trial-and-error situation. Yes, there are numerous solutions on the market today, and it can be difficult to ascertain which will work for your unique situation. But when you partner with a proven leader in this field, like, you get connected to a seasoned professional that knows exactly how to help you.

Our goal is to make IT easier for you so you can focus on growing your company. We work with you to understand all of your needs, become familiar with your pain points and your future needs, and then assist you in making an informed decision about the cyber security solutions that will work for you.

Contact us and let’s work together to limit cyber security risk in your organization.