Cyber Security Solutions for Risky Times

Cyber Security Solutions for Risky Times

Cyber criminals didn’t let up during the pandemic. In fact, they preyed on vulnerabilities that were in part due to a majority of workers putting in their hours remotely. Cyber security strategies were no match for the attacks that have more recently sought to destroy and manipulate data.

It’s believed that through the pandemic, cyber criminals have rallied and collaborated to form pseudo-legitimate businesses. Through these businesses, they are able to sell network access points to other hackers, giving them what they need to deliver their viruses, malware, and other means of attack.

They’ve also been busy creating new offenses, including one that is referred to as integrity attacks, which allow them to distort data, manipulate timestamps, and set up deep fake content.

For years, unsuspecting employees have been the weak link in the chain. But with education programs becoming a mainstay in cyber security strategies, fewer and fewer employees were clicking on dubious links or opening attachments from outside sources. The hackers found a way around this by impersonating trusted colleagues or co-workers and have targeted various communication platforms to do their dirty work.

Manipulating Accounts

According to a report titled “Modern Bank Heists,” which outlines various bank disruptions, the most common cyber attacks have been related to island hopping (a situation where hackers take over networks by targeting third parties), brokerage account takeover, manipulation of time stamps, and attacks that target market strategies.

The report shows that 41% of financial institutions experienced time stamp manipulations. What security experts expect to see more of is the exploitation of public clouds, which are being used more and more by remote workers. Some are calling this new risk “cloud jacking,” which is basically the hijacking of cloud accounts. The hackers simply steal account information and take it over, which means they are essentially free to fool whoever is in a victims’ contact list.

Safety First

Even security teams need assistance in this risky environment. They get it by bringing in a third party that can advise them on the latest cyber security tools that will be a custom fit for an organization’s specific needs.

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