Cyber Security Cost Saving Measures That Won’t Impede Performance

Cyber Security Cost Saving Measures That Won’t Impede Performance

Among the more expensive aspects of an organization’s efforts to stay safe is the development and upkeep of a cyber security framework. Given the state of the economy right now, enterprises aren’t exactly looking to shell out big bucks. Most enterprises are actually cutting costs, which makes the entire process of implementing complex cyber security all the more intimidating. 

But there are ways to ensure superior security for a business while keeping costs within budget. Eliminating duplicate cyber security tools is one area where organizations have taken more interest. Below are a few others:

Automation for the Win

Just because IT budgets are being cut doesn’t mean cyber criminals are taking a break. The opposite is probably true. So, how do you prevent attacks while working with fewer IT personnel? Finding a way to do more with less staff is a job for automation.

The thrifty approach is to find automation tools that will work with your current cyber security framework. You can also find solutions that utilize your legacy data sources and focus on automation that targets specific tasks in your security workflow, which would include such things as speed and data incident investigation.

Cloud Solutions

What percent of your current IT staff is working remotely? If you’re like many other organizations today, the answer is probably “most of them.” Cloud-based security information and management alternatives that you’re probably already using can be configured to more easily collect and analyze your log data. Furthermore, you can adjust it to share data with any third-party providers you’re working with.

Getting Outside Help

Becoming connected with the right cyber security solutions can be a trial and error process, which is something you want to avoid. Your best bet is to get outside assistance from experts who know about the many various products available.

You also want to partner with a third party that can help you identify your needs and conduct an analysis of your business operations and determine what future goals should be. They will be able to take a good look at your current situation and recommend the right providers. Often, the right provider is one that will not only have the right tech, but also the contract terms that meet your price point.

At Clarksys, we consider ourselves to be the go-to IT brokers because we help our clients get the right tech and the best deals. Our expert advice helps you avoid spending hours on comparison spreadsheets, an effort that usually includes making the wrong choices. Rather than buying tech from the wrong provider or worrying about signing a contract you’re going to regret later, partner with us.