Cyber Security and Compliance: Meeting Your Goals With the Right Technology

Cyber Security and Compliance: Meeting Your Goals With the Right Technology

It’s not exactly comforting knowing there is a target on your back, but companies aware of the cyber security threats that exist are better able to devise a plan to keep cyber criminals out. Cyber security and compliance issues keep IT leaders on high alert, and partnering with the right agent to find you the best technology can keep you a step ahead of the cyber criminals.

Talking points around this topic have of late centered on “compliance is not security.” Nobody is arguing that educating the workforce about the dangers that lurk in cyberspace and holding them accountable for their online actions won’t continue to be a component of the overall cyber security planning strategy. But the thing is, if you are 100% compliant, you can still get into trouble.

Stay Wary of Intrusion

It might sound a little paranoid, but another phrase being thrown around these days is “zero-trust security measures.” We want to believe our devices are trustworthy, but in a zero-trust environment, anything can be compromised. And because of this, anyone getting into the network on any type of device should always have to go through an authentication process.

Taking on the zero-trust attitude involves putting measures in place that prioritize who can see what on your network. For example, high-profile data containing potentially damaging company information, should it get into the wrong hands, will only be made available to C-suite personnel. Cyber security and compliance measures should always include a conversation about risk management, who gets access to what, and the technology you put in place to monitor all traffic.

Planning for a Safer Future

If you’re planning on pursuing a zero-trust mentality within your organization, it’s a complete culture change that must be embraced first and foremost. This is a culture where cyber security and compliance consider their current infrastructure, how they manage data, and what can be improved – purging old data and prioritizing day-to-day data storage and access issues.

And while zero-trust planning is a movement, it also involves bringing in the right tech that can protect you. As the world continues to get hammered by COVID-19 and all the restrictions the virus has caused, new vulnerabilities are opening as more and more people work remotely. Everything from internet of things (IoT) devices to cloud storage and remote endpoints to apps offers a host of vulnerabilities that need to be identified and protected against.At our goal is to assist our clients in all their cyber security and compliance needs. Our approach provides an avenue whereby you can save money, stop wasting time, and never pay a brokerage fee. The result of partnering with us is business growth, a protected reputation, and complete peace of mind.