Consolidate the Stack as a Part of a Stronger Cyber Security Strategy

Consolidate the Stack as a Part of a Stronger Cyber Security Strategy

It wasn’t too long ago that companies developed cyber security plans based on firewalls, log management, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection. Barely half a decade later, and the focus is on zero-trust networking, forensics, incident response, and threat hunting, among others. If your cyber security strategy hasn’t changed lately, you’re probably open to attack.

Soaring With Automation

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), refers to a collection of software and tools that give you the ability to streamline security operations. Specifically, SOAR is of great use for fine tuning security operations automation, incident response, and vulnerability management.

When you implement SOAR in your cyber security strategy, you are giving yourself the power of protection. You can more clearly seek out threats and reduce false positives using SOAR. Human error becomes less of an issue, as SOAR works without human interaction, but it definitely helps streamline operations.

Monitoring Workflow

There has been a push to streamline the tools used in cyber security, known widely as “solutions consolidation.” It is believed that fewer tools will free up resources that will focus on early detection and prevention of major incidents. One option is to outsource as well as consolidate, which fills various voids in your defenses. For example, if you have gaps in your ability to monitor user activity and the technologies you’ve deployed (especially internet of things devices), solution consolidation and outsourcing can help you monitor these in real time.

Stacking Security

There have been so many high-profile attacks on big companies and headlines about major losses, that cyber security strategies are on the mind of every C-suite executive. They are more on board than ever to be proactive and get ahead of the hackers. It’s a perfect time to restructure your security stack and plan for solutions consolidation. Furthermore, to bypass the steep learning curve regarding the latest technologies that can protect you, outsourcing to a managed security services provider not only helps you implement the right technologies, but they can also assist in restructuring your security stack.

When you have fewer vendors to manage, things get a lot easier and it’s not unusual to see workflow improvements that lead to productivity gains. Furthermore, your security specialists will have more insights to seek out security gaps and find the best ways to close them.

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