Utilize Business Technologies To Stay Competitive

From hybrid workplace solutions to managing data more thoughtfully and finding better business technologies.

From cyber security to digital transformation and upgrading applications, there is seemingly no end to the evolution of business technologies that help organizations succeed. But how do you know which ones are going to benefit your company?There are so many complex challenges facing IT operations that simplification seems to be a common priority. Companies are beginning to focus on a handful of core areas that can help a business stay competitive while simplifying and automating processes.

Managing Data

There is no shortage of cloud applications that help manage data. If your company is like most, you’re experiencing a data explosion that is difficult to harness, but utilizing the right cloud solutions can help significantly.

Ultimately, the tools you choose to manage data will probably not be a one-size-fits-all solution. That doesn’t mean you have to seek out a custom application. For example, Microsoft Synapse is one such cloud-based data lake service that seems to cater to all sizes of businesses, allowing you to utilize only the tools you need.

By working with a professional, you can determine which data lake service will enable your data analytics team to manage your data in a way that aligns well with the requirements of your workflow.

Cyber Solutions

The hybrid workplace is the new norm, but so is the mass of cyber criminals ready to pounce on the inefficiencies that have resulted from new technologies that were hurriedly put in place during the pandemic. Adopting the right business technologies will help protect you against malicious actors.

This article about the expanded attack surface outlines the extensive challenges that many companies face, including the “sheer number of smart devices in our lives means we are more vulnerable than we think,” which includes devices that are used in the workplace.

Zero-trust network architecture has been getting a lot of mentions in conversations among IT leaders lately. This security framework scrutinizes all users and actions, taking the approach that all users and devices are untrustworthy until proven otherwise. Talk to your business technologies professional about zero-trust policies and cyber security solutions that could work for your unique situation.


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