Supporting Dedicated Servers with Machine Learning

Supporting Dedicated Servers with Machine Learning

As your enterprise grows, you may benefit from supporting the increased load on your website with a dedicated server. Dedicated servers can be further supported by taking advantage of machine learning to lighten the load on your IT team.

What Is a Dedicated Server? Residing in a data center either on site or hosted by a third-party provider, a dedicated server provides internet service. It’s accessed only by your company rather than a shared server that services multiple companies. Dedicated servers are particularly helpful as an enterprise grows and may require individual server support for various services and tools offered on a website. It allows for more traffic, more complicated pages with video and interactive features, and doesn’t hinder the performance of the site.

Deciding whether to use a managed provider or house the server on site depends heavily on IT resources. Many IT teams find that outsourcing dedicated server management allows them to focus more fully on directing avenues for technology to support digital transformation and other tech-driven initiatives.

Where Does Machine Learning Come In? While in many ways still in its infancy, artificial intelligence and, specifically, machine learning, is creating new ways for enterprises to achieve automation. When it comes to dedicated servers, machine learning is streamlining some security and maintenance tasks, further removing more of the more mundane aspects of server management. Take a look at two major areas where machine learning and dedicated servers intersect for measurable progress:

Security: With increased traffic on a particular website comes increased threat. Machine learning is adept at establishing a baseline for website access, user logins, and administrative management tasks. Monitoring these activities is automated, but the response to an anomaly can be automated as well. For teams that are inundated with requests to review suspected phishing and other malware threats, the ability to set up automated, 24/7 monitoring on website activity can save important IT resources.

Maintenance: Performing regular maintenance tasks through machine learning on dedicated servers is another area that can potentially save an enterprise resources. Maintenance tasks can be automated, with machine learning tools identifying when updates are needed or isolating a spot that appears to have a problem until it can be addressed. Even among enterprises that have chosen to outsource their dedicated servers to a third party, implementing machine learning tools helps ensure that costs remain low.

Dedicated servers can play a critical role in assisting enterprises as they shift into digital transformation strategies, equipping their websites with superior customer experiences that are personalized and tailored to individual behaviors.

If you’re interested in how the combination of dedicated servers and machine learning could mobilize your enterprise for growth, contact us at Clarksys. We can help you navigate the process, from identifying your specific needs to choosing the right solutions and provider.