Sharing a Screen Session

Let’s assume that I elubow want to share my console with jdoe. The easiest way to do this next part is to actually name your screen session. So let’s call our session test.

$ screen -S test

This will create the session and put you in it. Now we need to add the access control. Note: You can automate the multiuser piece by adding it to you .screenrc.

:multiuser on

:acladd jdoe

All jdoe has to do now is connect to the same machine and type the following command:

$ screen -x elubow/test   # $user/$session_name

There are other security combinations as the above gives jdoe full access. Here are a few common ones:

:aclchg user +rx  # Give 'user' read-only access
:aclchg user -x "#,at,aclchg,acladd,acldel,quit"  # Don't allow 'user' any of the previous commands
:aclchg user +rwx  # Give 'user' read-write access (open permission on the session)

via Sharing a Screen Session | Erics Tech Blog.