OpenBSD continues to Innovate

The OpenBSD project is at times misunderstood by the population at large. A project driven by passionate people, OpenBSD bas contributed many things to the world that are sometimes taken for granted. If you have ever used SSH most likely you were using OpenSSH. Were would we be today if it wasn't for this fantastic piece of software. Most recently the team at OpenBSD have introduced OpenNTPD:

OpenNTPD is a FREE, easy to use implementation of the Network Time Protocol. It provides the ability to sync the local clock to remote NTP servers and can act as NTP server itself, redistributing the local clock.


OpenBGPD is a FREE implementation of the Border Gateway Protocol, Version 4. It allows ordinary machines to be used as routers exchanging routes with other systems speaking the BGP protocol.
Started out of dissatisfaction with other implementations, OpenBGPD nowadays is a fairly complete BGP implementation, powering many sites. Users often praise its ease of use and high performance, as well as its reliability.

and now OpenCVS:

OpenCVS is a FREE implementation of the Concurrent Versions System, the most popular open source revision control software. It can be used as both client and server for repositories and provides granular access control over data stored in the repository. It aims to be as compatible as possible with other CVS implementations, except when particular features reduce the overall security of the system.

Even if you feel there are good tools available today, and that re-coding the wheel brings zero benefit, understand that OpenBSD provides very important pieces to your favorite operating system, web site, and ISP. Funding is running short, go to their site and help the world by donating $10 dollars