No, I Won't Link to Your Spammy Article

No, I Won't Link to Your Spammy Article

Chances are you’ve arrived here from a link sent to you via email. That email would have been a reply to one you originally sent that would have sounded something like this:

Hi, I came across your blog on [thing] and I must admit, it was really nicely written. I also have an article on [thing] and I think it would be a great addition to your blog.

Sure you’re “just doing your job”, but it’s spam and what you’re doing is terrible. So going forward I’m going to add the title to the list below. It’s probably not going to do much in the grand scheme of things but it’s worth a shot.

If you are still confused, you should read Troy Hunt’s post “No, I Won’t Link to Your Spammy Article” for the inspiration behind this.

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