Leverage Better Human Connections With Your Contact Center Solution

Leverage Better Human Connections With Your Contact Center Solution

As the world shifts more and more to digital interactions, there are those that embrace an online social life, while others restrict their internet activities to more transactional apps, such as the weather or banking. A new study by Genesys, conducted in partnership with Savanta, calls those more transactional types “connected deficient” and suggests that your contact center solution may be exactly positioned to help those less involved in online social connection.

Of the more than 2,000 participants, all over the age of 18, one out of six reported that they had called customer service in the past simply to hear a human voice.

At the same time, 40% of respondents noted that dealing with customer service is “always a hassle.” How can companies invest in contact center technology that inspires connection and eliminates the hassle?

Prioritize Empathy: When asked about customer experiences, 67% said they would rather enjoy empathetic customer service than have a speedy resolution. Customers believed that building trust was essential for a positive customer experience.

While this may seem obvious, it’s important to note that customers see the value in being aided by an agent that will do more for them than simply follow a script or plug in the appropriate upselling question for the conversation topic.

Ban the Bot: Not always, of course, but there are certain situations where customers would prefer to be assisted by a live agent:

  • Issue with a product or service
  • Inaccurate invoice
  • Technical questions
  • Product return or replacement
  • Delayed delivery
  • Better understanding of benefits
  • Reservation problems

There are also scenarios where customers appreciate the convenience of having a bot automatically fulfill a request or answer a question:

  • Paying an invoice
  • Updating accounts
  • Login challenges
  • Claim status

Your contact center solution may offer the ideal combination of live agent and bot-powered service by using a bot to gather important account information before turning a call over to a live agent or assigning routine and mundane calls to bots while live agents handle complex questions or issues.

Watch the Big Guys: According to the results by Genesys, there has been a shift in how big and large companies are perceived in terms of customer service. While in 2019, 44% of respondents highlighted the outstanding service experienced with a small company, compared to 27% of large corporations, the numbers have now flipped.

Among those companies mentioned by participants for their excellent customer service, 71% were large, national companies. Amazon was the number one company mentioned for their service, followed by Walmart.

When comparing industries, banks and financial institutions lead the pack, with 43% of participants associating them with excellent service, with pharmacy the next closest at 29%.


While your contact center technology isn’t solely responsible for the level of connection any one person experiences, the right contact center solution may help you deliver the kind of empathetic, personalized experience that is personally enjoyable to your customers.

If you’ve been considering a new contact center solution for your business, contact us at ITBroker.com. We can help you make the most of every customer connection with technology that offers an unparalleled experience for your agents and your customers.