Implementing AI at Contact Centers

AI-driven technologies help contact centers impress customers and provide service that leads to brand loyalty.

Hollywood actors and writers are on strike, in part because of artificial intelligence (AI)-related topics, and are shining a light on what AI is capable of to the masses who might not be familiar with the technology. But for tech-savvy individuals involved with contact centers, AI is nothing new. In fact, it has taken center stage long before the strike, including at last year’s Enterprise Connect conference. Are you using it to your advantage?

Contact center technology from mega-vendors, including Salesforce, has integrated AI to improve how consumer data is utilized. Organizations small and large are generating mass quantities of data, but it’s of little use without the necessary tools for managing it and gaining insights from it. That’s what AI is capable of doing.

AI-driven analytics are involved in customer interactions, offering unique insights in real time. If there is a trend emerging, these analyses can pick up on it. Pain points being experienced by customers and specific preferences that might not have been detected previously can be revealed, offering contact centers an opportunity to respond and maintain a proactive approach to assisting customers.

Embracing New Tech

Among the most fervent followers of new technology are contact center leaders. Keeping up with competitors in this industry is exceedingly difficult, but staying on top of the latest, most modern improvements can certainly help.

While interpersonal communication, which is facilitated by phone interactions, remains one of the most popular options offered by contact centers, they have also branched out to other channels at the request of consumers. This means they have had to integrate such things as chatbots and other contact streams to stay in line with consumer preferences for communication.

AI has made itself quite useful here, too, as chatbot interactions rely on this type of technology. Virtual assistants are also AI-powered and capable of handling a wide range of inquiries and providing the appropriate assistance. This frees up human agents to make a good impression on the consumers who need help with more complex issues.

Accessing the Best Tech for Contact Centers

Knowing exactly what type of technology to implement can be a headache, even for forward-thinking organizations. That’s why partnering with an expert in this field can help you reap big rewards.

At, our goal is to help our clients get the technology that suits their needs, which means we offer a custom approach. It’s our job to stay informed on what’s available, including the best tech for contact centers. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can bring you the solutions that will make the biggest impact on your organization.