Howto Disable Storing Passwords in Safari

Ever since the switch from MobileMe to iCloud and the elimination of Keychain syncing I have become a huge fan of 1Password by AgileBits. Plus as an added benefit my passwords sync between my Mac and Windows machines.

Anyways after installing 1Password I wanted to stop storing passwords in Safari. If you are like me just follow these steps:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to Safari -> Preferences
  3. Click on the AutoFill icon and uncheck “User names and passwords”
  4. To clear any saved usernames and passwords, click “Edit…” to the right of “User names and passwords”.
  5. Select the website(s) and user name(s) to remove and click “Remove”. Or if you’re like me click on “Remove All” to clear all saved user names and passwords.
  6. Click “Done” and close preferences.

Thanks to MIT for reminding me how to do this late at night.