HOWTO Copy and Paste in OSX without Formatting

I’m an extensive user of ⌘+C / ⌘+V to copy and paste between application screens. One thing that has consistently driven me crazy is the intermediate step of pasting to plain text to remove formatting. I guess I finally had enough and found this gem over the weekend – it’s called Paste and Match Style.

Just ⌘+C and you normally would, only instead of ⌘+V use Command+Shift+Option+V to paste and match the style of the destination. Or if you don’t want to remember the Ninja finger position you can make this your default:

Go to you System Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts and add an “All Applications” rule. Make sure you spell out “Paste and Match Style” exactly with the ⌘+V keystroke.

See: Paste and Match Style