How GPS is Killing Lighthouses

See: How GPS is Killing Lighthouses: Lights Out along the German Coast

The popularity of the satellite-based global positioning system has led to the closure of lighthouses along the German coast. Many more may soon be extinguished. But critics question whether the new system is reliable and safe enough to warrant the closure of these historical beacons of safety.

Yes GPS is great. Yes GPS will tell you exactly where you are in the world and how to get where you need to go. Yes GPS can allow you to safely navigate your car, boat, plane from point a to point b.
Yes GPS can fail.
My flight instructor is a big believer in learing things the old fasioned way. In his words, “you aren’t even allowed to think about looking at the GPS display”. I’m glad, because I believe exactly the same thing.
Technology is great and allows you to be more efficient and more accurate in your task at hand, whatever that may be. But technology can fail. Electronic systems are dependant on power, no power no GPS. Then what do you do? Obviously the cost of maintaining these lighthouses is a big factor in this decision, but how long do you think it will take before there is a large enough disaster to warrant them coming back?