Get the Right Foundation for Your Online Meeting

Online meeting solutions are equipping companies to remain remote or hybrid into the future.

Technology may have paved the way for a permanent remote or hybrid work environment, but it was the pandemic that served as a catalyst and cemented the workplace model. As companies strive to secure their networks and equip employees for optimal productivity, one of their focal points for maximizing effectiveness is the online meeting.

Employees and employers alike have asked whether a return to the office is necessary. Most workers appreciate the increased ability to add balance to their lives with at least some work-from-home hours each week.

A 2021 report by Buffer found that out of 2,300 workers surveyed, 97.6% said they would prefer to work remotely at least part of the time for the rest of their career. The main driver of that response is the flexibility that working from home brings. But that doesn’t mean that remote work is the ideal setting workers have been waiting for: among the challenges listed, 27% said that the inability to unplug is a concern, and 16% said that challenges around collaboration and loneliness are both a downside to remote work.

Even so, the benefits clearly outweigh drawbacks to remote work for many, making the online meeting a central component of keeping teams connected and productive. The cloud is powering new solutions that make an online meeting nearly as effective as the in-person variety. Here are a few areas that will need attention in order for the online meeting to be successful:

Security: IT teams have the difficulty of offering as much freedom as possible while balancing security concerns. When choosing the solutions utilized to equip teams with an online meeting, cloud solutions are measured for security standards. Aim for one that has met or is working towards FedRAMP, FISMA, and/or SOC 2 certifications to be sure that video conferencing is also protecting data.

In addition, companies need to celebrate a zero trust security model, one in which every device and user must be verified and authorized before accessing any corporate resources. Employee training also goes a long way in helping recognize and prevent cyber attacks, keeping software updated and regularly changing passwords.

Cloud Solutions: Companies are able to access online meeting solutions that meet their needs. The solutions are beginning to dominate the market, with a study by Synergy Research Group showing that cloud tools outpace legacy apps 64 to 36% in market share.

Cloud communications are offering convenience to mobile users, adding database and file functionality with a centralized hub that allows for better communication and streamlined decision-making between employees.

Hybrid Meetings: Companies are also using a combination of hybrid and online meeting formats so that employees may choose the setting that is beneficial to them and most productive for their work goals. Employers are seeking ways to offer equal participation, with some companies investing in AR technology to allow meetings to be more engaging and even using VR headsets to create an illusion that employees are all sitting in the same room.

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