Generative AI and Threats: How To Protect Your Data

Generative AI is creating efficiencies for businesses, but it’s also giving hackers another tool.

Generative AI is generating a lot of discussion for its ability to push creative boundaries, but cyber security experts are equally as interested in the risks associated with it. For example, hackers are using generative AI to compose more enticing phishing emails and for upgrading malicious exploits commonly found in sophisticated cyber attacks.

While it is true that there is no way to detect an attack that is derived from AI, following best practices and working with a professional can help protect your data and your organization as a whole.

Assessing Threats

If there is one thing cyber criminals have in common it’s their love of a good algorithm, and generative AI doesn’t disappoint. So, what exactly are hackers doing with it?

  • Bypassing CAPTCHAs - Anyone wanting to deploy bots no longer has to contend with the CAPTCHA gatekeeper.
  • Better Malware - Hackers utilize generative AI to create more sophisticated malware, making it more difficult to detect.
  • Faking Data - While AI hasn’t been 100% effective at mimicking human speech, it’s good enough to create fake human activities for hackers to identify theft efforts, fraud and disinformation campaigns.
    There is so much that AI can do for hackers, but how can organizations protect themselves?

Mitigating Threats

Just because there are no tools currently available that can identify generative AI attacks doesn’t mean you’re left without protection. Threats continue to evolve, so the risks you faced a month ago will probably be compounded next month. By creating a strong strategy based on training and education, organizations can stay ahead of cyber criminals.

Regardless of how a threat is launched or where it originated from, there remain best practices that should be followed, including adopting and implementing solid tools that can monitor traffic and flag suspicious activity.

Exposure management is key, but how do you know which of the many solutions out there will work for your unique situation? It takes years of experience and staying current on the latest solutions to know what to implement, which is why so many successful organizations rely on experts to help them out.

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