Five Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center

Five Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center

When enterprise teams were forced to work from home, there was one department that seemed least likely to thrive in a remote setting: the contact center. The move forced many organizations to prioritize their digital transformation plans, with a special emphasis on moving to a cloud contact center.

Now that the initial scramble has given way to a more permanent approach to remote teams, enterprises may be weighing whether to opt for applying cloud technology over legacy systems to create a type of web portal. If this is your organization, here are five reasons why you may benefit from a contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution:

Cost Savings: Cloud solutions are broadly seen as a way to reduce costs. The enterprise pays by subscription, and the cloud provider owns and maintains the hardware. There is little investment in terms of equipment, and the monthly subscription can be categorized as an operating expense.

Flexibility: In the age of COVID-19, the value of being able to work from anywhere and at any time can’t be overstated. No matter where an agent is, they can access all systems and tools from any connected device.

Seamless Customer Experience: A CCaaS solution offers customers the opportunity to interact with your organization according to their preferences. Whether they want to communicate by phone, video chat, instant messaging, or email, they utilize a single application to speak with you and receive information.

A CCaaS solution allows your enterprise to access the latest features that enhance the customer experience through first call resolution. Access to a variety of formats means that customers enjoy convenience and immediate responses.

Integration With Platforms: Through application programming interfaces (APIs), your cloud contact center can integrate with a customer relationship management solution to streamline access to information and improve service to the customer. This data-driven approach gives agents access to real-time insights to deliver unparalleled experiences, improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The CCaaS can also be integrated with an order management system, making it easier to access invoicing, order status, and order history information while interacting with the customer.

Automation: It makes sense to automate the routine, mundane inquiries that not only take up agents’ time but also negatively affect employee retention and satisfaction. When simple tasks like communicating the status of an order can be delegated to automated agents, it frees up your contact center staff to handle more complex calls.

Choosing a cloud contact center is a process that involves stakeholders from multiple areas of your organization. Be sure to get buy-in from across your organization by talking about how an upgrade to a CCaaS solution will deliver benefits to areas like finance, operations, and sales. It is also important to get networking teams involved, because reliable connectivity is critical for a cloud contact center to function well.For more information about upgrading to a cloud contact center, contact us at We help you choose the right cloud contact center solution by beginning with a clear understanding of your needs, budget, and goals.