Email Platform Outages? Be Ready with Email Continuity

Email Platform Outages? Be Ready with Email Continuity

Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory had three massive outages in the last month. 

Has this impacted your business? And what can you do about it now?  

What is an email continuity service?  

Email continuity is a feature of an email gateway -email filtering- platform.  

Usually these vendors in the market have been selling you “antispam, antivirus, data loss prevention,” this –other- solution set related to your email platform. And as a benefit, or as an add-on little thing, these platforms include email continuity. What email continuity just means is that if your email platform itself is offline you can log into this other provider’s platform and you can see your email, you can respond to your email. You can’t use Outlook, it’s not a fully featured email platform, but it allows you to send email in and out.  

The way that they actually work as they sit in between the Internet and your email platform, so if you get an email and you think about the email coming across the internet: boom! email filtering service or continuity platform sits here, and then your actual email platform (if it’s Microsoft 365) is over here.  So Microsoft 365 then routes email to your email service provider that’s doing your data loss prevention and then it goes out to the Internet. 

So the advantages of having an email continuity service in place, is you get a lot of additional functionality and flexibility with these tools. If you’re having or if you see another outage with Microsoft 365 it doesn’t completely cripple your operations, it allows you to still function and what we really like about these services are the advanced features that you get around data loss prevention, better antispam gateways, the ability to send encrypted email, there’s a whole list of things that you can get out of these platforms that you’re not going to receive with a native Microsoft 365 environment. 

 These are why these systems are so common and why they exist. 

So if you need help with your Microsoft 365 email, if you have been affected by these outages, give us a call at Outages will continue to occur. We would love to help you out with this. We will match your business to the right service provider that makes sense for you, so that way you’re not affected by these things in the future.