Dealing With the Complexities of the Hybrid Workplace

From managing endpoints to automating your monitoring solutions, the hybrid workplace demands more proactive strategies.

The pandemic changed the way employees collaborate in and out of the workplace. In March 2020, the beginning of a massive transition to cloud-based solutions to support remote work changed the user experience. Even as companies have since welcomed employees back to the office, many are adopting a hybrid workplace model. The workplace continues to evolve, demanding the assistance of professionals who can navigate all the technological solutions to accommodate remote collaboration.

What has become clear is that risks become more prevalent in a hybrid workplace and solutions for dealing with security issues can put a damper on the user experience, thus affecting workflow. Working with the right technology professional makes it possible to find a solution that balances user experience with cyber security concerns.

Monitor for Better Results

The hybrid workplace involves a multitude of endpoints, resulting in an increase in employee maintenance and troubleshooting requests. This is often too much for an IT team to monitor, which is why implementing automated monitoring solutions has taken off since the hybrid workplace expanded.

For organizations that tried to handle all monitoring manually, worker error and employee burnout complicated their workload. The result is an IT security team that is overworked and exhausted.

Some teams are able to address these issues with automated monitoring. With automated monitoring technology in place, all deviations from the norm can be spotted in real time, giving you the power to act quickly and jump on a threat before it becomes a roadblock to your workflow or, worse yet, take down your system.

The Education Factor

Employees that receive training around cyber security can become an important part of preventing an intrusion. Education should also discuss the impact of cyber security measures on the user experience while keeping the system safe so that employees see the value in practices that might otherwise be viewed as an inconvenience. For example, when employees are held accountable for all the threats they face from cyber criminals, they know what to look for, what not to do (like click on links or open emails from outside sources) and how to manage their credentials so they never get into the wrong hands.

Bring in a Professional

Given the rate at which technology advances today, it can be difficult for even the most experienced IT teams to stay on top of the solutions that will keep them safe and employees productive.

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