Business Trends in 2023: Be Proactive With Your IT Initiatives

Business trends in 2023 include staying ahead of cyber criminals by upgrading your IT solutions.

Nobody can truly predict what could unfold for business trends in 2023. It’s been an interesting time for companies in all industries over the last three years, which provides some direction for what could happen over the coming months. One thing that is certain is that as you navigate your IT needs for the remainder of the year, outsourcing to a trusted professional can provide some relief for your IT team.

Managing Cyber Threats

Cyber security is on everyone’s minds, and for good reason. 2022 saw a 41% growth in the number of security breaches. It's estimated that 83% of companies will get hit with a data breach at some point, and the severity can be limited by protecting yourself up front, being proactive, and making everyone in your network accountable for their actions.

Unified security strategies are what many CIOs are pushing right now, as they can help safeguard resources. They are relying on such heavyweights as Security Service Edge (SSE) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to help them enhance security and lessen the chances of a breach.

Top security experts recommend auditing your current system to identify weak areas and fill the gaps by applying trusted solutions. It never hurts to prevent insider threats by educating your employees about the latest risks, too.

Business Continuity

One of the business trends for 2023 that might look familiar is in regard to business continuity. Business continuity works to address a variety of scenarios, from failing infrastructure to breaches to natural and manmade disasters. Did you know that businesses throughout the world had to recoup $29 billion in disasters related to weather alone in 2022?

You can’t plan months ahead for a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, or flood, but you can prioritize a plan that has your business continuity needs covered in any scenario. From saving data to geographically dispersed data centers to documenting a detailed workflow plan, there are ways to equip your business to continue operating.

Fortunately, the hybrid and remote work settings companies created during the pandemic and post-pandemic phases have many companies better prepared for flexibility should anything happen to the office facility. Now companies want to ensure employees have the tools they need to thrive in any set of circumstances, which often involves a third-party consultation.

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