5 Ways Technology Is Powering the Hybrid Workforce

Many companies are turning to a hybrid workforce, in part because the technology is there to support it.

You might say that the stars aligned in 2020, with cloud technology having picked up just enough momentum for it to be a viable solution for companies shifting to remote teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as companies adopt an ongoing hybrid workforce, remote collaboration tools are making it a viable permanent environment.

Many teams found out during lockdowns that they enjoyed high levels of productivity, gained in part by hours of commuting replaced by time at their desk. Many companies are finding that, even as normalcy returns and offices teeming with employees are a possibility, they may not be the ideal. Here are five instances where remote collaboration is replacing in-person meetings:

Company-Wide Gatherings: Most large companies have annual meetings or will gather their full staff when it’s time to roll out a comprehensive new strategy or vision. They may want to share goals or assess and reward progress. New cloud-based unified collaboration tools offer the opportunity for large numbers of people to view video, join an audio call, or participate in a web conference. The company enjoys cost savings and employees enjoy a more streamlined schedule.

Webinars and Networking Events: From industry-wide networking events and trade shows to educational training webinars, there’s a wide range of what used to be in-person, live events now taking place over cloud-based technology. There are now specialized solutions that allow for up to 10,000 participants with live polling, chat moderation, and post-event surveying.

External Conversations: Meeting with a project team that includes external partners and suppliers works best when members build trust through face-to-face conversations. They are able to check for visual clues and communication and build productive relationships. An all-in-one solution that includes video conferencing makes it easy to not only invite participants but also share information.

Internal Meetings: Building a hybrid workforce can even mean hiring outside of your geographical region because of the remote collaboration tools available. A strong team requires some investment to create a setting where employees build trusted relationships with one another and can communicate as effectively as if they were sitting across a conference table from one another. Teams can meet and share progress through solutions that offer shared workspaces and video conferencing, enjoying reliable, low-latency performance that allows them to focus fully on building solid connections and pursuing productive meetings.

Interviews: Screening and interviewing candidates for a position demands a lot of resources, but with remote collaboration tools, hiring managers can eliminate the cost of travel for initial interviews. With highly-reliable, clear video technology, they can assess the candidate for their potential fit with the existing team and quickly determine the right candidate for the job.

If your company is pursuing a strategy that includes a hybrid workforce, contact us at ITBroker.com. We are available to help you leverage the right remote collaboration solutions to power your most important meetings and opportunities.