4 Ways AI Accelerates IT Infrastructure Transformation

4 Ways AI Accelerates IT Infrastructure Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key driver for helping businesses improve their IT infrastructure. By enabling systems and software to sense, understand, take action, and learn on their own, AI allows the automation of tasks that previously required human thinking. Companies that fully leverage enterprise AI will gain efficiency, insight, and advantages over competitors that don’t adopt this advanced technology.

Read on to learn how AI can help you transform your organization’s IT infrastructure.

How Does Enterprise AI Transform IT Infrastructure?

When used effectively, AI can provide several core infrastructure improvements for organizations, such as:

1. Cloud AI Platforms

Ready-made AI development platforms from major cloud providers allow businesses to avoid the cost and effort of building in-house. These cloud platforms enable rapid prototyping, testing, and deployment of AI models and machine learning algorithms in a flexible, cost-effective way. Companies can quickly experiment to find the right AI solutions for their needs without large upfront infrastructure investments.

2. Modernized Data Architectures

Most companies will generate increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data to power enterprise AI systems. Modern data architectures are needed to handle these large, diverse datasets. IT leaders can create unified "lakehouse" platforms that combine the low-cost storage of data lakes, the processing power of data warehouses, and data governance to allow reliable data flows between systems to feed enterprise AI.

3. Expanded Compute Capacity

The model training and inference phases of enterprise AI demand immense computing performance, requiring investment in high-powered data center infrastructure featuring GPUs, TPUs, and easy access to cloud-based accelerator services. With robust computing capacity, companies can rapidly train sophisticated deep learning models on big datasets and efficiently run AI workloads.

4. Dedicated AI Infrastructure

While AI models may initially run on shared infrastructure, large enterprises can construct dedicated AI data centers or cloud sub-networks. This provides the ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and specialized hardware needed for cutting-edge model development. With dedicated AI infrastructure, organizations can push the boundaries of what's possible in areas like computer vision, natural language processing, and reinforcement learning.

5. Upgraded Cyber Defenses

As AI integrates with business-critical systems storing sensitive data, cyber security becomes imperative. Defense strategies should include adversarial machine learning to make models robust against attacks. Comprehensive data governance, access controls, and monitoring are also essential to secure enterprise AI infrastructure against threats.

What Are the Challenges of AI Integration in IT Infrastructure?

While integrating AI offers many benefits, businesses face challenges like:

  • Integrating With Existing Systems - Integrating AI technologies with current IT infrastructure can be complex. Businesses must ensure compatibility and minimize disruptions to ongoing operations.
  • Cultural Shift - The influx of data-driven autonomous systems powered by AI requires an enterprise-wide cultural reset. Leadership must promote understanding, enthusiasm, and urgency around AI adoption while establishing appropriate oversight regarding trust in AI, responsible usage policies, and human oversight.
  • Workforce Reskilling - As AI changes IT infrastructure, skilled professionals are needed to manage and use these technologies effectively. Comprehensive training programs are required to equip IT teams with AI skills like data science, AI ethics, and specialized technical capabilities tailored to company infrastructure.

By anticipating these human challenges in integrating AI infrastructure, businesses can smooth the transition and maximize benefits. 

Find the Right AI Solutions for IT Infrastructure Transformation With Expert Support

Enterprise AI promises to reshape traditional business models, workplace roles, customer engagement tactics, and product development cycles. Businesses that don't transform their IT infrastructure to use AI will soon lag behind disruptive upstarts leveraging AI-based innovation, productivity, and decision-making advantages.

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