2022 IT Trends: Staying Safe and Remote-Capable Now and in the Future

How hybrid work is driving 2022 IT trends and shaping the future of IT.

Is this hybrid cloud trend here to stay? Much has changed over the last couple years, and more rapidly than usual thanks to the challenges put in place by the pandemic. But one thing is certain: 2020 and 2021 were defining years that have altered how we work and kept our IT infrastructure going in the right direction. But how is hybrid work driving 2022 IT trends, and what can we look forward to?

The Remote Work Challenges

Prior to the pandemic, many organizations had begun catering to workforce preferences related to a hybrid work model. Workers weren’t just looking for excellent health care benefits or paid time off. They also wanted more flexibility in how they put in their hours. Forward-thinking organizations got a head start on hybrid work and remote capabilities, so the pandemic ringing in remote work obligations was not as much of a hassle as it was for organizations that had little to no infrastructure in place.

Despite the fact that more and more workers are now back in the office, trends show 2022 will continue to accommodate remote work. This is partially because many offices have adopted the hybrid work trends that involve a portion of the workforce doing the bulk of their tasks from home. This means they’ll continue tapping into hybrid solutions, including unified communications and voice technologies, that allow them to stay competitive.

Fighting Cyber Threats

Of course cyber criminals aren’t going away in 2022. Quite the contrary – they’re only ramping up their efforts. A huge 2022 IT trend will include more secure access service edge (SASE) adoption. This is a cloud-delivered framework that is meant to enhance network security and should help organizations deal with cyber attacks at a more confident level.

How popular is SASE today? A Gartner report says by 2024, 30% of companies will adopt cloud-delivered firewall capabilities, which is huge considering only 5% were doing so in 2020. Furthermore, Gartner says around 60% of companies will have strategies for SASE adoption in place, which is a massive move from the approximately 15% who had SASE included in their strategies in 2020.

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